Frogmats Smoking Mats

For your BBQ smoking needs

Are you looking for the best way to get great results form your smoking every time? Frogmats are just what you need.

Frogmats For Your BBQ

Want a great solution to effective and easy to clean up smoking of meat, fish, and veggies?

Welcome to Frogmats

Frogmats are USDA approved for food processing and handling, and are FDA compliant . In addition, the fabrics can operate in temperatures from -400°F (-240°C) under static conditions and -100°F (-73°C) under dynamic conditions up to 550°F (288°C).

Smoking with Frogmats

Not Recommended for use directly over Fire or Flames. Use for Indirect heating and Food Dehydrators and Smoking only!


You can buy Frogmats in precut sizes for your grill or oven and some of our dealers sell it off the roll so you can get a custom cut Frogmat to fit your needs and grilling pleasure. Smoking with the Frogmat is simply the best. See it action on video.
This is a really good product and I give it my stamp of approval and a high recommendation! I will be getting a few more of these for the other grates and for my other smokers as well! Deb